FLEX- your very private island for relaxed hours of wellness at home! Risible functional back cushion and adjustable armrests transform this sofa into a relaxation oasis, inviting you for prolonged cuddling time.

FLEX combines comfort and understated elegance. The integrated lift mechanism raises the backrest gradually to become an individually adjustable headrest. By doing so, the sofa's height increases by 8 cm. The special feature of this mechanism is the quality function that during the increase of the back rest, reference material strecht simultaneously, so that the resulting wrinkling is reduced to a minimum.

To fulfill the personal sitting and lying habits, the cushions of the armrest are adjustable to different angles.

seat upholstery:

Standard-Feet Z wood / metal strip H= 7,5 cm, L=32 cm

  1. Frame: particle board with solid wood frames
  2. Seat springing: elastic wave springs
  3. Seat cushion stuffing: elastic PUR-foam with diolen layer
  4. Backrest stuffing: MDF with elastic PUR-foam
  5. Armrest filling: synthetic fibre
  6. Feet options: different sofa feet made from wood and metal

In addition to the standard Z-feet, six more feet options are available. Wooden feet are avaliable in five different color stains. Depending on feet option changes the overall seat height as well. ( * Type F is not recommended at corner 060!)

Feet H metal H= 6 cm

Feet L metal H= 6 cm

Feet M wood H= 6 cm

Feet E wood H= 9 cm

Feet F* metal H= 9 cm

Feet G wood/metal strip H= 9 cm

Feet I metal H= 10 cm

Feet U wood/metal strip H= 6 cm

Wood colours for feet

BEECH nature

BEECH alder

BEECH cherry

BEECH wenge

BEECH black

BEECH Bleached

ISO 9001