Five different armrests, both elegant and versatile; whether high, with rest pad, with adjustable armrest cushion, curved or narrow - the choice is yours. No matter for which you decide, VARIO will win you over thanks to its straightforward, cubic design. Depending on personal taste seat you can choose between 4 seat hardness and 2 seat heights, 8 different feet and 2 options of moveable back cushions, VARIO meets every style. Just as it from magician's hand, this model adapts to your room. The seath depth can be increased with just one motion and VARIO offers also a bedding box under the 2-seating elements as wells as under footstool. With comfortable bed function, VARIO is a perfect sofa for friends and family.

Individual design: Vario offers a choice between 5 armrests. Whether high (A), with rest pad (B), with adjustable armrest cushion (C), curved (D) or smaller (E). With its range of armrests VARIO meets every style.

Armrest A

Armrest B

Armrest C *adjustable

Armrest D

Armrest E

Vario offers the selection between 2 options of backrest cushions: with its slim shape and close string the cushions of VARIO accentuate the elegant line; while VARIO PLUS creates a light appearence with its smaller and wider cushions. The cushions are in both cases moveable.


  • bedding box under the elements F02, F26, F27, F130 and F140, as well as under footstool F20E
  • possibility to enlarge the seat depth elements mentioned above (footstool excluded) by 22 cm
  • bed function under the elements B02, B26, B27,
  • possibility to enlarge the seat depth elements mentioned above by 65 cm
  • storage under Longchair F860,F870

When combining functional elements (22 cm deeper seat + storage space) or bed function elements with other elements, a minimum seat hardness difference can occure because of different height of upholstering. Elements with function (22 cm deep seat + storage) and bed function elements have lower upholstering.

Element 82 / 83. Stitching on leather seat

  1. Frame: particle board with solid wood frames
  2. Seat springing: elastic wave springs
  3. Seat cushion stuffing: PE, PHR, PT: elastic PUR foam built up in different hardnesses with diolen layer PM: spring core, coconut matting, PUR-foam with diolen layer
  4. Backrest stuffing: particle board and PUR-foam with diolen layer
  5. Back cushion filling: elastic PUR-foam with diolen layer
  6. Feet options: different sofa feet made from wood and metal
  7. Function: mechanism to increase the seat depth for 22 cm, and a storage space

Personal comfort: depending on personal taste seat can be between 4 seat hardnesses and 2 seat heights selected.

Eight feet options to choose. Wooden feet are avaliable in five different color stains. Depending on foot option changes the overall seat height as well. * Type F is not recommended at corner 060!

Feet H metal H= 6 cm

Feet L metal H= 6 cm

Feet M wood H= 6 cm

Feet E wood H= 9 cm

Feet F* metal H= 9 cm

Feet G wood/metal strip H= 9 cm

Feet I metal H= 10 cm

Feet U wood/metal strip H= 6 cm

Wood colours for feet

BEECH nature

BEECH alder

BEECH cherry

BEECH wenge

BEECH black

Technical changes with reservation.

ISO 9001